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"Tamarie Cooper's DOOMSDAY REVUE"

Actors from The Catastrophic Theatre bring to life the zany characters from Tamarie Cooper’s Doomsday Revue. The 15th of the multi-talented Cooper’s summer musical-comedy romps is filled with rib-tickling songs, high-energy dance-numbers and laugh-inducing sketches inspired by Tamarie’s musings about the lighter side of the notion that – as prophesied by the ancient Mayan calendar – we’re all going to die this December when the world comes to an end.

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The Catastrophic Theatre - "There is a Happiness that Morning is" by Mickle Maher


Actors Troy Schulze [pictured, left]and Amy Bruce [center] talk about The Catastrophic Theatre's production ofThere is a Happiness that Morning isby Mickle Maher. Written in rhymed verse, the play centers around two college English professors, who – after a night of passionate love-making on the public green – must now face the consequences of their act.

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