Tamarie For President Underwriter Descriptions

Exclusive Dress Rehearsal & Party!
Underwriters are invited to a special sneak peek of the show! 
Join us Thursday, July 7 for our exclusive dress rehearsal an awesome party before and after the show. This isn't finger food and box wine - we're talking dinner and an open bar.

Single tickets are also available. Be the first to see the show and hang out with Tamarie and the gang!

Fun starts at 6:30 and we'll run the show around 8:00

Underwriter Benefits

Wall Street Big Wig ($2500)

  • Framed and signed photograph of Tamarie and the cast
  • Ten special invitations to the Dress Rehearsal & PartyThursday July 7
  • Ten limited edition Tamarie for President t-shirts
  • Top program billing as Tamarie for President Underwriter
  • Ten Tamarie for President cast recording CDs
  • A private cocktail hour for you with Tamarie and friends!

Corporate Lobbyist ($1000)

  • Six special invitations to the Dress Rehearsal & PartyThursday July 7
  • Six limited edition Tamarie for President t-shirts
  • Prominent program billing as Tamarie for President Underwriter
  • Six Tamarie for President cast recording CDs
  • Deluxe Campaign swag

Super Delegate ($500)

  • Four special invitations to the Dress Rehearsal & PartyThursday July 7
  • Four limited edition Tamarie for President t-shirts
  • Special program recognition as Tamarie for President Underwriter
  • Four Tamarie for President cast recording CDs
  • Campaign swag

Community Organizer ($250)

  • Two special invitations to the Dress Rehearsal & PartyThursday July 7
  • Two limited edition Tamarie for President t-shirts
  • Program recognition as Tamarie for President Underwriter
  • Two Tamarie for President cast recording CDs

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Single tickets for the Underwriters' Dress Rehearsal & Party are available for $50.


Can't make it to the Exclusive Underwriters' Dress Rehearsal?

Regular performances run from July 8 - Aug 6. 
Purchase tickets here!