The Strangerer

Sean Patrick Judge (Lehrer), Paul Locklear (Bush) and Troy Schulze (Kerry) deliver pointed, spot-on performances, demonstrating a mastery of mannerisms that never descends into full-out parody.
Judge nails Lehrer's modulated tone, Locklear, W's good ol' boyness, and Schulze, Kerry's wooden gestures. The production, directed by Catastrophic Theatre's Artistic Director Jason Nodler, is the sharpest thus far from this newish troupe. Jodi Bobrovsky's immaculately slick debate arena comes complete with red astroturf and sterile lecterns. DiverseWorks has never looked so scary. Kirk Markley's harsh blue lights capture the fake stage debate atmosphere exactly while Chris Bakos' sound design lends just enough eeriness to know that we have left reality as we know it.