Core Artists

Abraham Zeus Zapata

Photo by Fluid Frames Dance Photography 14 years ago I moved to Houston from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  All I had at the time was a broken down truck, 2 plastic bins full of clothing and keepsakes – and the deep desire to resume my work in the creative arts.  It took about 3 years to

Brian Jucha

I had a theater company of artists in New York called Via Theater, originally founded by Anne Bogart and eventually taken over by me.  For about a dozen years starting in 1991, we created 2 or 3 original dance theater works a year.  I was commissioned by DiverseWorks to create a new work with Infernal Bridegroom Productions – what

Kyle Sturdivant

I have been part of something magical only few can imagine, working with a company of people for YEARS at a time, working with my best friends at making our way through this thing called life on this planet.  This small town, closeted only child found a family through theatre.