Leighza Walker

LEIGHZA WALKER is a playwright, actor, director, set designer, and producer. She is one of the founders of Obsidian Art Space, a thriving black box theater in the Houston Heights, and has served as the founding Artistic Director for Big Head Productions, Thunderclap Productions, and Cabal Productions. Leighza was one of six playwrights selected to participate in a 2011 Master's level playwright class with Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee, who clapped her on the shoulder and said "You're a very good writer, you know." Her full length plays, When the Day met The Night (a moosehunt experience) and Fishing are available through Next Stage Press. Leighza is currently the Executive Director of Leighzaland, a non-profit organization dedicated to producing new work and supporting artists in their endeavors to create art.