Bring out the dancing bacon: Wild Catastrophic Theatre party brings back the craziness of the 1990s

Who in their right mind would want to miss a party that pledges to include dancing bacon?

When theater pundits Jason Nodler and Tamarie Cooper met in the spring of 1993, who knew that their collaboration would add a defining genre to Houston that in turn also conveys the zeitgeist of its residents? You can't think of another twosome whose creative prowess can bring about such hilarity, confusion and cult-like mystique to the city's art scene.

This cataclysmic meeting of the minds gave birth to what is known today as theCatastrophic Theatre, whose fundraising event Saturday, titled "It was Twenty Years Ago Today," rewound back to that pivotal moment. And no monsoon could prevent 350 roisterers from trudging their way to Last Concert Cafe for the 1990s-themed festivities.

You can't think of another twosome whose creative prowess can bring about such hilarity, confusion and mystique to the city's art scene.

Co-chairs Jenny and Mark Johnson, Lise Liddell, Georgia Lister and Hal Bowman, Larissa Lindsay and Stuart Bailey, Brad Moore and Lelia Rodgers roused the animated throng to embrace the era by dressing up as their fave TV and film icons. Spotted sipping ritas and Saint Arnold Brewing Company beer were characters from Blossom, Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski — and Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

While sustenance courtesy of Last Concert Cafe, El Meson, Sparrow Bar + Cookshop, Canopy, Rudyard's Pub, Cottonwood, Brasil, Sprinkles Cupcakes and Whole Foods Market fed hungry guests, a special band comprising musicians involved with the group past and present brought the house down with selections from 20 years worth of quirky repertoire.

When the carouse was all said and done, Catastrophic Theatre added $55,000 to its piggy bank, surely appeasing managing director Kirk Markley.

As the company's motto goes, getting "destroyed" were Anita and David Garten, Caroline Starry LeBlanc and Jared LeBlanc, Jennifer Elkins and Tony Abyad, Elaine Dillard, Jeff Shell, Star and Jack Massing, Kathryn Lott Neumann and Jeff Neumann, Leslie Holland and Dolan Smith, Kyle Sturdivant, Dan Dubrowski, Jennifer Decker, Teya Sparks, Merry Schooley, Hilary Borow, Kathleen Boyd, Tina Sambuco, who by design was happily photo bombing everyone's mementos, and Richard Lyders as the grooving bacon.