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“The Three Little Pigs” and “Macbeth” converge in Catastrophic Theatre’s production of Mickle Maher’s “It Is Magic.”

Houston’s Catastrophic Theatre is a longtime champion of the acclaimed Chicago-based playwright Mickle Maher. In fact, Catastrophic has produced virtually all of Maher’s works since 2008, including two world premieres.

The company’s latest journey into Maher-land is called It Is Magic. It’s on stage through March 2 at Midtown Arts & Theater Center Houston.

It’s a theater production about a theater production – well, two actually. It depicts auditions for a production of The Three Little Pigs taking place while a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is under way in the same theater. Complications ensue.

The play draws on long history and lore surrounding productions of Macbeth, as well as other trappings of the theater world that those deeply involved in it will find familiar.

In the audio above, we discuss the show with director Jeff Miller, and actor Tamarie Cooper.