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Tamarie Cooper's OLD AS HELL! is Jocular, Vivacious, and Heartfelt

Tamarie Cooper's OLD AS HELL is meh. NOT! In fact, this year's offering in the cherished tradition of Houston theatre's summer line-up sparkles with clever wit and ebullient hilarity. This may only be my second summer to see a Tamarie Cooper musical, but in so many ways I found this one better than last year's raucously irreverent DOOMSDAY REVUE. Maybe with one Tamarie Cooper show under my belt, I had a better idea of what to expect. Maybe like a good wine Tamarie Cooper is only getting better with age. Or maybe it's both. Regardless, I sincerely wish I had been there to see them all.

Catastrophic Theatre's THERE IS A HAPPINESS THAT MORNING IS is Fun, Stark, Strange, and Ridiculous

There is a moment of dialogue in The Catastophic Theatre's production of Mickle Maher's THERE IS A HAPPINESS THAT MORNING IS where Bernard states that Ellen is stark, strange, and ridiculous. I feel that with the addition of fun, Mickle Maher has perfectly described his own show. This avant-garde work is a cerebral and absurdist farce of poetry, higher education, and our own need to claim ownership of things we could never own.

My Favorite (Theatrical) Things - 2012 In Review

My Favorite Original Music in 2012 - Two productions with original music from local talent really impressed me, and I would be remiss not to mention them. Wiley DeWeese wrote a fantastic and atmospheric underscore for Jean-Paul Sartre's NO EXIT. On a lighter note, there was the fun, memorable, and funny original score written by Tamarie Cooper, Miriam Daly, John Duboise, Joe Folladori and Patrick Reynolds for DOOMSDAY REVUE.

BWW Reviews: DOOMSDAY REVUE - The Greatest Apocalypse Ever!

Tamarie Cooper’s magnificent production of her fifteenth annual original piece, DOOMSDAY REVUE (the greatest musical ever!), proves that Houston has a wealth of artistic talent. Moreover, The Catastrophic Theatre in coordination with Tamarie Cooperis stacked with innumerable bankrolls of local talent...If you’re ready to abandon all hope for a perfectly dull night at the theatre with a perfectly nice little production of some lame and tame show, enter the DiverseWorks Art Space and enjoy this year’s Tamarie Cooper extravaganza.