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Review: CLEANSED at CATASTROPHIC THEATRE – Sarah Kane takes on sex and violence and gender fluidity

“…what is surely going to be one of the most talked about pieces of work in Houston’s theatrical history.”

Review: IT IS MAGIC at Catastrophic Theatre. I had no idea how much magic a theater company could make!

“This is peak CATASTROPHIC THEATRE, and the entire production is on FULL TILT BOOGIE from start to finish. … It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it is unlike anything else you are likely to see anytime soon.”
Luis Galindo, Courtney Lomelo, Tamarie Cooper in IT IS MAGIC. (photo by Anthony Rathbun)
Luis Galindo, Courtney Lomelo, Tamarie Cooper in IT IS MAGIC. (photo by Anthony Rathbun)

Interview: TAMARIE COOPER of IT IS MAGIC at Catastrophic Theatre

We talk THEATRE, Mickle Maher, Drag Parties, and Pay What You Can with the Tamariest Tamarie!

Review: WAITING FOR GODOT at CATASTROPHIC THEATRE a dazzling revival of the Beckett masterwork for a limited run!

“You are never going to see a more definitive version of this show in Houston, and CATASTROPHIC is the company to bring it to you…This is a Taylor Swift Eras Tour level event for fans of absurdist theater.”

A MAROON’S GUIDE TO TIME AND SPACE Gets Funky with Abolition at Catastrophic Theatre

It is all mind-bending performance art, but in the same breath extremely accessible.

Review: The Very Trippy EDDIE GOES TO POETRY CITY At Catastrophic Theatre

You won’t find a more technically stunning or well acted show in Houston right now.

TREVOR Monkeys Around at Catastrophic Theatre

Tue, 2/28/2017
“TREVOR is easily the best show The Catastrophic Theatre has done this year, and that’s saying quite a bit given the incredible strength of their season so far.”