Brett Cullum

Review: WAITING FOR GODOT at CATASTROPHIC THEATRE a dazzling revival of the Beckett masterwork for a limited run!

“You are never going to see a more definitive version of this show in Houston, and CATASTROPHIC is the company to bring it to you…This is a Taylor Swift Eras Tour level event for fans of absurdist theater.”

A MAROON’S GUIDE TO TIME AND SPACE Gets Funky with Abolition at Catastrophic Theatre

It is all mind-bending performance art, but in the same breath extremely accessible.

Review: The Very Trippy EDDIE GOES TO POETRY CITY At Catastrophic Theatre

You won’t find a more technically stunning or well acted show in Houston right now.

TREVOR Monkeys Around at Catastrophic Theatre

Tue, 2/28/2017
“TREVOR is easily the best show The Catastrophic Theatre has done this year, and that’s saying quite a bit given the incredible strength of their season so far.”