Jim Tommaney

Tamarie Cooper's Doomsday Revue: A Delightful Evening of Inspired Foolishness

Tamarie Cooper, co-founder of The Catastrophic Theatre, brings her annual musical comedy revue -- this is the 15th -- and a horde of committed actors and dancers to DiverseWorks in a colorful, splashy production...A large, triumphant cast brings to life a revue of great humor, considerable wit and inspired foolishness, guaranteeing an evening of delightful enjoyment.

A dark, funny new work from Catastrophic Theatre goes behind the white picket fences.

With American Falls, new playwright Miki Johnson has captured lightning in a bottle...There is a dramatic arc to the work as separate threads are pulled together in an exciting denouement that is fast-paced and leaves the audience as breathless as the participants.....Talented acting and excellent direction bring Miki Johnson's vision of what lies behind the white picket fences of a small town into vibrant life, resulting in a production filled with humor, ablaze with insights and rocking with humanity. This fall, Catastrophic Theatre will produce another play by Johnson, Fleaven, set in a mall, and I'm looking forward to it with eager anticipation.

Renaissance Woman: The United States of Tamarie

The talented Tamarie Cooper opens the latest in a series of musical extravaganzas - this one rife with patriotism - to enchant a horde of loyal followers and to introduce newcomers to a remarkable talent: a Renaissance woman who conceives, directs, choreographs and acts, and does all these well. She brings with her a cast of polished performers who bring her vision to exciting life. 

As a writer, Tamarie is original and inventive. As a choreographer, she is indefatigable. And as a performer, she is an accomplished professional. She acts her part as mistress of ceremonies with an unflagging, engaging poise and depth.

The joy shared by performers who love their craft and have the talent to prove it spreads to and engulfs the audience. The result is a riotous evening of fun and laughter, one likely to be savored and remembered. Don't miss it.