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"With a tag line of 'It's the end of the world, bring on the dancing cupcakes,' this show is guaranteed to get you out of your nihilistic, post-apocalyptic summer funk. With music and lyrics by Cooper, Miriam Daly, John Duboise, Joe Folladori and Patrick Reynolds (who also wrote the book), a cast of 17 Catastrophic veterans, a band and a hefty dose of Tamarieness, what's not to like?

Dancing cupcakes: Another Doomsday prophecy from Tamarie Cooper's 15th musical shenanigans

Perhaps it's motherhood — little Rose is 2 years old — that has unleashed a there's-nothing-I-won't-say attitude in Cooper's writing (words and lyrics also by Miriam Daly, John Duboise, Joe Folladori and Patrick Reynolds), but this particular script is even raunchier than others that came before. There's no nudity, but there's a fare share of adult innuendo. It's best to leave the kids at home.

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Nancy says: "'You're on earth, there's no cure for that,' Hamm says to to Clov. Beckett is back thanks to those wonky word geeks over at Catastrophic Theatre with their uber tight production of Endgame, starring Greg Dean as Hamm, Troy Schulze as Clov, Joel Orr as Nagg and Mikelle Johnson as Nell. Directed by Jason Nodler, Endgame's title says it all. If you love language, wordplay, divine banter and humor with a falling off a cliff edge, this is a play for you.

Once Upon a time...Our Late Night

It is difficult to categorize and criticize Catastrophic Theatre's productions, but one surely can react to them ... Anything that keeps me thinking, laughing and saying what the fuck the next morning has certainly met the goal of challenging and expanding my aesthetic and cultural experiential vocabulary ... Highly recommended. You may never think of jelly, the tropics, and feathers in the same fashion again