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SPJST #88 Lodge Pokrok
1435 Beall St
Houston, TX 77008


Mar 26, 2011
Whether you were a Jock, Prep, Stoner, Goth, Cheerleader, Theatre Nerd, Band Geek, Mathlete, Punk, Rebel, or Teacher’s Pet, everybody fits in at Catastrophic High! So dust off your cheerleading uniform, dig through the closet for your stirrup pants or your poodle skirt, shine up your Vans or your combat boots…all the clothes you rocked back in the day. Supporting locally grown avant-garde theatre has never been so much fun!


Robert M. Singleton


James Glassman and Tim Moloney

Host Committee

Scott Greenwood & Paul Brockman
Kristen Cannon
Beth & Steve Clark
Cortney Cole
Tod & Betsy Eason
Zach Elkins & Tamarie Cooper
David Heller & Anneliese Davis
Marcy de Luna
June Deadrick
Elaine Dillard
Jake Goldstein & Amy Dinn
Dan & Bevin Dubrowski
Jennifer Elkins
Karen & Steve Farber
Chet & Erin Farmer
Dawn Fudge
Graham Gemoets
James Blair & Mark Horn
Marty & Tiffany Hricik
Stuart Bailey & Larissa Lindsay
Nicole Longnecker
Michael Meazell
Kathryn Lott Neumann
Judy & Scott Nyquist
Heather Pray
Victoria Ridgway
Stuart Rosenberg
Bill & Sally Russ
Edward Sanchez
Jared & Caroline Starry LeBlanc
Norma Catlin & Tim Thomson
Mary & Louis Weaver
Mark & Katherine Yzaguirre

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