Anthony Barilla

is an accomplished and prolific writer, musician, composer and theatre artist. His work, both for Infernal Bridegroom Productions and his band seximals, has received extensive play on college radio stations and was included in NPR’s official release of music from THIS AMERICAN LIFE. He recently composed original music for Stages Repertory Theatre’s production of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Dinolion’s immersive theatre project, Red House. Anthony is working with frequent collaborator, Lindsay Kayser, on a long-term song cycle project which was played, in an early form, on the International Space Station and had a single public performance at Lawndale Art Center in Summer 2017. He is a member of multiple bands and music projects currently, including “Houston’s ASS” (an all-accordion cover band) and “Merel and Tony,” who play with their band “THE WOE WOE WOES.”