Paradise Hotel

Paradise Hotel, written by Richard Foreman in 1998 and receiving its Houston premiere, revolves around four people trying to get to the fabled Hotel Fuck (for obvious reasons). And yet, obstruction after obstruction, frustration after frustration, keeps them from ever arriving. At times, they are lured away by the ever encroaching kitschiness of the competing Hotel Beautiful Roses; other times, it’s the omnipotent voice of the narrator that thwarts them; and sometimes, it’s only themselves. Catastrophic Theatre’s Greg Dean (who co-directed the play with Houston Press Arts and Culture Editor Troy Schulze) describes the unattainable Hotel Fuck as “a perfume: you can get a whiff of it, but you can’t really pin it down and get a hold of it. You only get a glimpse to let you know that there’s something there behind the veil.”