Top Four Things to Do in Houston This Weekend

Also on our list of must-see events this Saturday, there's It Was 20 Years Ago Today Jason Nodler and Tamarie Cooper's celebration of 20 years of avant-garde theater in Houston. Nodler came to Houston after graduating from college to mount his musical play In the Thunderloo. That project was put on hold when Nodler ventured into politics with the Jerry Brown presidential campaign. After Brown's loss, Nodler returned toThunderloo, getting some help from Tamarie Cooper and several other friends. That core group, now known as Catastrophic Theatre, has grown and changed over the years, but it's remained true to the idea that theater should shock, mystify, delight, bewilder and amaze audiences.


Marking two decades since that first production, It Was 20 Years Ago Today is part party, part fundraising gala, part showcase and an extra part party thrown in for good measure. Company members will perform songs from past shows including last year's Fleaven (Miki Johnson's farce about rollerskating disco stars), Bluefinger (Nodler's 2010 rock opera based on the album of the same name by Black Francis) and several of the Tamarie Cooper Shows (Cooper's life translated into glitzy over-the-top song and dance spectaculars). ''We never thought it would last and here we are, 20 years later,'' laughs Nodler.

There will be lots to eat and drink and guests are encouraged to don their best 1990s regalia (styled after Monica Lewinski, O.J. Simpson, Billy Ray Cyrus and the Teenaged Mutant Turtles).