Catastrophic Theatre’s The Blackest Shore: Finding a Voice

Stuart is a high school student who has decided to make a movie, with graphic violence, extreme sex and the walking dead. It's "a kind of vampire overlord thing," says actor Josh Morrison who plays Craig, the latest love interest of Stuart's mom and the man who's about to move into Stuart's home and disrupt his life even further. In Catastrophic Theatre's world premiere of The Blackest Shore by playwright Mark Schultz.


It's the story of a young man who's trying to find himself is told in terms both graphic violent, but with a love story as well, Morrison says. "He lives with his mom and something terrible has happened to him," says Morrison who describes his own character Craig as "a good guy who's a little rough around the edges."

While Morrison says he doesn't expect audience members to scream in terror he says there are "some really big gasp moments." None of the characters are really bad people, Morrison says, but the play shows how circumstances can really change people's lives. 

Morrison says the play – one of two Mark Schultz works that Catastrophic will present this season – has a general audience appeal. "It's about young men finding their voices in the world."

Other cast members include Candice D'Meza, Elizabeth Marshall Black, John Gremillion, Zachary Leonard, and Gabriel Regojo. Directed by Jason Nodler and assisted by Kyle Sturdivant.