Ricky Welch

Ricky Welch  is thrilled to finally be working with Catastrophic Theatre. His last project was directing the original play 13 Miles From Security for Big HEAD Productions. The last three years have been a theatre whirlwind for Ricky. He is a Board Member for Obsidian Arts Space, has directed showcase scenes for Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre, Big Head Productions and Cone Man Running Productions, Stage Managed the show Killer Joe (Big Head Productions), Sound Designed the shows Loplop Presents Loplop, 13 Miles From Security, Motel Tropicana and When the Day Met the Night (A Moosehunt Experience) and has performed in The Laramie Project (Stage Door Inc.), Armide (Mercury Baroque), Mud (Doorman Actors Lab), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Country Playhouse), The Little Mermaid (Company Onstage), The Great Storm (Thunderclap Productions), Museum of Dysfunction III & IV, Under the Big Dark Sky, Notions of Right & Wrong, (Mildred’s Umbrella), Rapunzel & the Frog Prince (Whoot Bang! Productions), When the Day Met the Night (A Moosehunt Experience) and Motel Tropicana (Big HEAD Productions). Prior to these teeming three years Ricky took a sixteen year hiatus from theatre. He fueled his artistic addiction during this time by raising kids (That is indeed artistic!!), vocalist/musician for various bands (The Good Luck Band, Spontaneous Combustion & Maverick Chinamen) and co-hosting Hot & Bothered Radio (a radio talk show about sex and relationships) from 2005 to 2008. Prior to his theatre hiatus he enjoyed a fledgling career where he worked with groups such as The Actor’s Workshop, Chocolate Bayou Theatre, Curtains!, Actor’s Theater, The Theater Factory, Three-Legged Dog Productions, Theater Collide and Grey Wolf Theater. Ricky has four children and thinks they are four of the most incredible people ever. He resides in the Houston  Heights most weekdays and spends most weekends in Pearland, Texas with his lovely girlfriend, choreographer/actress Randi Hall. Lastly Ricky likes to joke that he is ubiquitous, pervasive, omnipresent and/or universal, in short that he is ALL THINGS. He’s not really joking.